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Advanced Nutritional Formulas.

"Modern Advanced Nutritional Formulas.
Based on Ancient Wisdom.
To optimize the healing potential of the human body."



Thank you for choosing to open a wholesale account with Global Quality Health. To establish a wholesale account with us, we ask that you:

1. Meet Global Quality Health's minimum order requirements. (36 bottle minimum)
2. Be a health-related business with a physical storefront. (Online retailers not accepted)

Please fill out the application form below. Once the information is submitted, you will be contacted via email with the appropriate wholesale agreement including wholesale distribution pricing and terms.


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RENAVIVE® (Natural Kidney Cleanse)
INFLAMAZOL® (Natural Uric Acid Cleanse)
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*Once the information is submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted via email with the appropriate wholesale distribution agreement including distribution pricing and terms.

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